5 Basic Characteristics Of The Ideal Candidate

In searching for the ideal candidate, human resources professionals train and hone their interviewing skills. They must identify the characteristics that best match their company’s needs. Many hiring managers also have these skills finely tuned. These basic characteristics precede and enable an employees knowledge, skills and experience in the workplace. There are basic characteristics that […]

Do These 5 Things for Job Interview Preparation

It’s easy to get anxious, and even nervous, the night before a job interview. Here are 5 things to remember for job interview preparation. Some suggest that next to public speaking, job interviews are the second thing people fear most. These steps will help you be prepared, reduce your anxiety and increase your chances acing […]

Never Burn A Bridge When A Job Is Over

When leaving a job, never burn a bridge. There are many reasons a job ends. Often, we think of the two most painful reasons: layoffs or getting fired. In reality, there are many reasons that your job may end. Having an open mind and being rational when it happens to you is the quickest way […]

Social Media Job Search

Doing a social media job search to find your next job is no different than using social media to find anything else. Barton Staffing Solutions posts all jobs on our social media platforms – please follow our Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter pages, Here’s the action items you need to do to make Social Media work […]

Resume Tips for Temporary Staff Employees

These days, everyone needs a resume. Even Temporary Staff Employees need a resume. Writing a resume for your temporary staff career can be a challenge. Here are some resume tips for temporary staff employees. Let’s review why this is important. There are two trends affecting your need for a resume. Employers are raising the standard […]

Employee Respect Reflects Company Culture and Values

At Barton Staffing, we treat employees like we want to be treated. Employee respect is related to our values. The founder of the company is a veteran and learned early on the meaning of respect and dignity in terms of the people that you lead, and the leaders you follow. Employee respect at Barton Staffing Solutions […]