Positioning is Key to Writing Your Former Military Resume

When returning to the workforce after spending time in the military, you have a challenge and an opportunity. Positioning is key to writing your former military resume effectively. Many candidates are challenged by this transition. You should not despair, but consider it an opportunity that non-military candidates do not have. It takes some thinking and […]

5 Reasons Applicants Need A Resume

Today it seems 9 out of 10 companies looking for employees require a resume. No matter what the job is, from staff member to shop-floor labor, employers are raising the requirements for all applicants to present a resume of their work experience. Here are 5 reasons applicants need a resume today. Candidates take note: These […]

Four Hiring First Impression Failures

There many but here are the common four hiring first impression failures. They are four sure ways to lose candidates: HR and hiring managers are responsible for first impressions which can create or crush successful hiring. In a down economy with high unemployment it’s easy to see how employers might think it’s a “buyers market.” […]

LinkedIn Indeed You DO Need to Have A Profile There

LinkedIn Indeed. YES you DO need to be on it as much as Career Builder and Facebook. Today, it’s almost impossible not to know about social media. With Smartphones, tweeting on twitter, and sharing photos on Facebook, be sure you are also using LinkedIn to be visible. If you are an employer, you need an LinkedIn […]

Résumés vs. Recruiting: Know The Difference

Sometimes, it comes down to résumés vs. recruiting, and knowing which one you want from your staffing firm. A staffing firm can recruit skilled people to help achieve your company’s objectives. The act of hiring a person is not a company goal. Hiring a person is the objective it is the means to achieving a company goal […]

Don’t Chase Purple Squirrels, Use A Competency Model

When you need to hire more good people, don’t chase purple squirrels? A competency model can help you determine what knowledge, skills and behaviors to look for as you review candidates. It is often the case that a job description is created by looking at similar job descriptions, and taking a bit of each one […]