Temporary Staffing Retention Matters

The title may seem like it is in conflict. Temporary staffing retention. You might ask, “if it’s temporary, what does retention mean?” Or, “how can retention apply to temporary staffing?” For all temporary staffing assignments and workforce engagements, whether short-term, long-term and unbounded, retention does matter. Over the past few weeks on the Barton Staffing […]

A Dozen Ways to Ace Your Next Temporary Employee Interview

Many companies perform a temporary employee interview “on the job.” Staffing Agencies hear it all the time: “Send over the candidates that meet the qualifications, and we’ll put them on the job. These employers are performing an interview by observation. They are looking for several things in the candidates including: a positive attitude, willingness to […]

5 Essential Factors All Successful Job Seekers Possess

The baseline for successful job seekers to compete in the job market effectively continues to require more and more. There are many things required, for sure, but these five essential factors are must-have elements in your job search. They are equally important for temporary employee job seekers. A temporary employee must invest continual effort to […]

Good Recruiters Deliver Candidates – Great Recruiters Build Trust

What is that special something that changes your view of staffing agencies, and what they can do for your business and be as your partner in achieving exceptional outcomes? Good recruiters deliver candidates while truly great recruiters build trust. Building trust is a function of the culture and ethics of the agency they work for. […]

Temporary Staffing Process Model

Temporary staffing agencies must have comprehensive temporary staffing process model as a critical service business you rely on. If you are unsure of what goes on when requisitioning a temporary employee from your staffing firm, ask them! The reasons are clear. If your firm is using temporary staffing, you are contracting with your agency as […]

Lifting Injury Safety Initiative In The Workplace

Another easy cost-saving initiative to consider is simply a lifting injury safety initiative to reduce lifting injuries in the workplace. Barton Staffing Solutions has safe lifting guidelines that limit the weight that an individual temporary employee should be asked to lift 50 pounds. Anything over that weight limit should be tandem lifted with proper personal […]