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In Staffing Communication Sets Us Apart

Staffing Communication.  In Staffing, it’s effective communication that sets Barton Staffing Solutions apart from other staffing partners. The Dictionary defines: Communication is the act or process of communicating. Seems simple, but in truth, many staffing agencies, perhaps yours, just don’t make the effort when communication is needed the most. Clients will unanimously agree that their… Read more »

Safety and Quality Go Hand in Hand

Safety and Quality are sister pillars of a good corporate culture. Recently, our team sent two more people to the OSHA 30 hour certification training. Barton Staffing Solutions invests in training because it adds value to our service level. Safety and quality differentiates Barton Staffing Solutions from other staffing agencies. Our corporate culture is built… Read more »

Impact On Staffing 5.7 Million Job Openings

What impact on staffing 5.7 million job openings has is critical to strategy. CNN reported that his is close to the record (5.9 million last July) number since the Department of Labor began reporting this statistic in 2000. With staffing 5.7 million job openings creates new levels of demand on the pool of available workers…. Read more »

In Staffing 19 Years Celebrating A Milestone of Service

In the business of staffing 19 years, July marks a milestone for Barton Staffing Solutions serving the greater Chicago area with employment services that clients and employees need. Barton Staffing Solutions has effectively served strategic requirements of successful small local, mid-sized local, mid-sized national and large national operations – staffing 19 years without interruption. Founders… Read more »

Illinois HB-690 Crisis For Business

Illinois HB-690 Crisis for Business. If you haven’t heard, this bill is on the verge of driving business – critical business like Manufacturing – out of the state of Illinois. Take action – at the end of this blog you’ll find contact information for your state representative, state senator, and the Governor. To be clear,… Read more »

Outsourced to India Sources Say

Outsourced to India? Not here. What kind of staffing company do you want building your team? Our people are our greatest asset and they are here to stay. It’s hard to understand how being on opposite sides of the planet promotes working together toward your most critical business goals. Earlier this year, the Milwaukee Business Journal… Read more »

Operations Timing vs. On-Boarding Requirements

Don’t forget to plan time for “On-Boarding Requirements” when you place a job order that is driving the timing of your operation.  The staffing firm’s hiring processes and the client’s unique on-boarding requirements should be taken into consideration. How long does it take to fill a job order?  The short answer: “It depends!” Notwithstanding the pressure… Read more »

Recruiter vs. Workforce Management Solutions Partner

If you are a CEO or senior leader, do you consider your search and staffing firm to be (1) just a recruiter of labor? Or, do you rely on your search and staffing firm as (2) a true strategic workforce management solutions partner? Ponder those two questions for a moment. Strategic partners are deeply engaged… Read more »

Is Your Staffing Agency’s ACA Surcharge A Rip-Off?

Is your staffing agency’s Affordable Care Act – ACA surcharge a rip-off?  How would you know?  What questions would you ask?  It comes down to marginal cost economics and alignment of business philosophy and values with your agency. [Note: There are many factors that drive pricing. This blog initializes a dialog focused on ACA factors.  Not all… Read more »

Trends Driving Change In Staffing for 2015

As the end of the year draws near, final results are tallied for the past year, and budgets are developed for the coming year, what trends driving change in staffing for 2015, will drive your planning? The Chinese proverb says: “When the winds of change blow, some people build walls while others build windmills.” As… Read more »