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Survey Identifies Reasons Companies Benefit From Staffing Agencies

Earlier this month, the Illinois Search and Staffing Association held their annual Midwest Conference in Chicago. Richard Wahlquist, CEO of the American Staffing Association, shared insights into the staffing industry including survey statistics from Inavero about reasons companies benefit from staffing agencies. Are you sitting on the fence considering a decision to partner with a… Read more »

Get to Know Your Staffing Partner Business Values

Great leaders know that a “Win Win” partnership does not mean they win twice, and their partner loses twice. Yet, it’s easy to see how partnerships can become lopsided, when business values are not evident. To have a good business relationship with your staffing agency, your partnership must be based on real mutual benefit. Clients… Read more »

8 Reasons Not To Compromise Workforce Ethics Over E-Verify

Our team talks with dozens of clients, and hundreds of applicants each week. Occasionally, clients tell us of agencies that boast of their “non-E-Verify office.” Our clients tell us how these agencies market, sell or pitch their non-E-Verify office as a unique value proposition they provide over other staffing firms. How is taking avoidable risk… Read more »

The Secret To Engaging And Retaining The Best Temporary Workforce

How many times do we hear the question: “What is the secret to getting and retaining the best temporary workforce? The initial company response seems to be: “look for, and start a search for a new staffing firm, and engage with the one that has the highest volume, biggest, or other non-workforce-related metric. Why not… Read more »

5 Reasons Temporary Staffing Disciplinary Policies Make Sense

Most temporary employees will never need to know that a disciplinary process exists. However, They are a necessary policy in today’s workplace. More and more, clients are asking to see them as a decision making criteria before selecting a staffing firm. Temporary staffing disciplinary policies make sense. To be clear, good disciplinary policies are a… Read more »

Don’t Forget Human Resources In Your QBR Agenda

It’s QBR season, or maybe it was a week or so ago for your company. QBR is short for Quarterly Business Review. Don’t forget human resources in your QBR agenda. Often, executive leadership teams use the QBR to focus the company’s attention on the sales pipeline to ensure that the financial goals set at the… Read more »

10 Questions To Ask In Diagnosing Temporary Employee Turnover

When you experience it, spend some time diagnosing temporary employee turnover. A revolving door is not good for business. Employees come and go, and that’s to be expected, but the rate for temporary employee turnover should mimic your normal full time employee turnover. The root cause may be internal, it may be external, it may… Read more »

Employer Responsibility, OSHA and Temporary Employees

A recent article on the US Department of Labor website under OSHA states: “…OSHA recommends that the temporary staffing agency and the host employer set out their respective responsibilities for compliance with applicable OSHA standards…” Temporary staffing inside your company is more and more visible as regulations around employer responsibility, OSHA and temporary employees become… Read more »

Temporary Employees Are Part Of Your Organization, Too

There are a number of reasons to choose to implement a temporary employee staffing program to help meet corporate operational and fiscal goals. The most successful implementations happen when temporary employees are part of your organization, too. The success of such programs comes in the implementation phase. The key success factors we observe at most… Read more »

8 Reasons This Is The Number 1 Skill For Temporary Employee

I’ve seen lists like this before, and usually they are focused on a job skill that puts employees in one job or another. After pondering this for quite some time, there truly does appear to be one universal skill that every temporary employee must develop and tune in order to maximize their career potential, short… Read more »