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Did You Know Free Training Is Available To Everyone?

Want free training? Want to improve? Drive your career in new directions? Learn new skills and be assigned to new jobs?  Read this! Free training is available to everyone.  This is going to sound so simple that you will say: “why didn’t I think of that?” I’m not going to make you wait for the… Read more »

9 Point Safety Assessment Your Staffing Firm Should Perform – Do They?

It’s an obvious decision for companies to provide a safe workplace for full time employees on their direct payroll. It is equally important to provide a safe workplace for temporary employees. Often, they work in the same environment. It’s to your company’s benefit for your staffing firm to perform a safety assessment. If they don’t provide that service,… Read more »

Written Warranty – If It’s Not In Writing, It Doesn’t Exist

Handshakes are not warranties. Get a written warranty from your temporary staffing agency, or you don’t have a warranty. What is a warranty? Dictionary.com tells us that, for the purposes of goods and services, a warranty is “a written guarantee to the purchaser … the manufacturer will make any repairs or replace defective parts free… Read more »

Workplace Spoken Language, Safety Issue You Cannot Ignore

In today’s office, shop floor and other business and industrial settings, don’t overlook workplace language safety, an issue you cannot ignore. As a staffing and recruiting partner, Barton Staffing Solutions regularly discusses these topics with clients. While a safety issue, it’s also a business opportunity – read on! In Europe, where there are several languages, and… Read more »

7 Tips To Make Your Temporary Staffing Job Fireproof!

Following the employee-focused theme from our previous blog, what better than to share a list of tips our best temporary employees follow as they make every assignment or job fireproof. For new or growing temporary employees, reviewing these tips can help you make your next assignment or temporary staffing job fireproof! From staffing agency clients, these… Read more »

Don’t Be A Low Performer In Your Next Temporary Staffing Assignment

One way to be a top performer is to know exactly what to do on the job. While it may be challenging for temporary staffing where employees go on assignments and often do something new every other week. However, temporary staffing has become a greater and greater part of the global workforce, making this career… Read more »

10 Ways To Blow Your Temporary Job On The First Day

Blow your temporary job! That caught your eye, didn’t it. Like a nuclear reaction, getting your first day wrong is likely irreversible. Here are some things to avoid. Some of these are obvious, some are funny, others are sad. Unfortunately, these have all happened. You can bet this list is not exhaustive. I’ve saved some… Read more »

Five Advantages Skilled Temporary Staffing Provides Over Day Labor

When comparing temporary staffing agencies, Be sure you know the difference between day labor and skilled temporary staffing. If you understand the differences, then you’ll value the advantages that skilled temporary staffing provides over day labor. There is a clear difference when considering temporary staffing for a vertical profession like nursing or software programmers that… Read more »

A Transition Plan: A True Test Of Ethics In Staffing

Last week we shared some good guidelines for choosing a temp agency. Today, it seems logical to review “Transition Planning.” This manifests as a transition plan, and is a true test of ethics in staffing when considering a new temporary staffing provider. If you have decided to transition from one staffing agency to another, it may be… Read more »

How To Assess A Staffing Firm And Determine If They Are Worth The Time

You get their sales email every day of the week. They have you on their social media outreach program. Clearly, they are after you. One firm may be cold calling you so often that you are considering a restraining order. How do you quickly assess a staffing firm and determine if they are worth talking… Read more »