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Savvy Clients Build A Sustainable Staffing Agency Partnership

Good partners understand each other’s business model. They know they can carry their part of the mutual beneficial partnership best by knowing how their partner’s business works. If one partner does not, the partnership is not sustainable. Savvy clients build a sustainable staffing agency partnership to ensure their operation runs smoothly across business demand and… Read more »

Work With Your Staffing Firm To Resign Temporary Staffing Gracefully

It happens, many of the best temporary workers move beyond their existing roles and resign temporary staffing and the firm that employed them. Remember to work with your staffing firm when resigning temporary staffing positions. Just like in any employer-employee relationship, your work history and your network depends on maintaining a good relationship. Sometimes temporary… Read more »

5 Applicant Best Practices When Responding To Recruiter Voicemail

Every day, recruiters leave dozens of voicemails for potential job candidates. When you get a message from a recruiter, use these best practices to ensure your response puts you in the “call back ASAP” pile. Here are 5 applicant best practices when responding to recruiter voicemail that will help you get the job assignment. Recruiters leave… Read more »

Why Temporary Employees Need Online Networking Like LinkedIn

It used to be that having your resume on Career Builder, Indeed or Monster, alone was effective enough to be found. today,l that’s not enough. Temporary employees interested in developing their career need online network profiles. Career builder, Monster and Indeed are only a go-to sites for recruiters to find people with a certain past… Read more »

Real Questions To Ask About Screening For Safety

You’ve heard the screening for safety claims and statements made by staffing companies. Everyone says they have your safety interests in mind. Statements like: “Thousands of screened applicants…” or “Workers have the all skills…” or “We supply the safety equipment…” “We manage all your occupational risk…” These claims sound good, but do they pass the test of… Read more »

Five Ways To Know You Are Getting The Best Temporary Employees

As you review whether your temporary staffing agency is the right one (yesterday’s blog) for your company, it seems valuable to examine ways to know you are getting the best temporary employees. Measuring your temporary staffing firm’s performance and alignment with your company’s goals and values is easy by looking at the employees that you… Read more »

Five Ways To Know Your Staffing Firm Is The Right One

How do you know your staffing firm or agency is right for your company? How do you know they are giving you what you need as they send over the talent you need? Explore these five ways to know your temporary staffing firm is right. History of earned trust. Ask around to your colleagues and competitors… Read more »

Non-Exclusive Recruiting – A Misguided Assumption For 5 Reasons

In the staffing and recruiting industry, one misconception persists. Positioning multiple providers to compete to fill the same positions is a good thing. This can happen in the day to day decision in your company for a number of reasons – many of them based on misguided assumptions that it will cause a change. Sometimes… Read more »

Lack of a Sense of Urgency Gives Away Staffing Competitive Advantage

The recruiting and staffing industry is based on a partnership between the employer client, the agency and the employee. In the best situations, all parties collaborate together with a sense of urgency to achieve common results. Without a sense of urgency, staffing completive advantage is given away. While common in the staffing process, this is… Read more »

5 Reasons Temporary Staffing Sales Positions Will Not Work

Recently, we were asked to fill a temporary staffing position for a sales role. This request had never come up before. This was a reasonably well-paid job that the employer was looking to us as a staffing company to find, hire, and payroll a sales person to sell their product. In analyzing this situation, we developed… Read more »