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10 Ways To Blow Your Temporary Job On The First Day

Blow your temporary job! That caught your eye, didn’t it. Like a nuclear reaction, getting your first day wrong is likely irreversible. Here are some things to avoid. Some of these are obvious, some are funny, others are sad. Unfortunately, these have all happened. You can bet this list is not exhaustive. I’ve saved some… Read more »

Five Advantages Skilled Temporary Staffing Provides Over Day Labor

When comparing temporary staffing agencies, Be sure you know the difference between day labor and skilled temporary staffing. If you understand the differences, then you’ll value the advantages that skilled temporary staffing provides over day labor. There is a clear difference when considering temporary staffing for a vertical profession like nursing or software programmers that… Read more »

A Transition Plan: A True Test Of Ethics In Staffing

Last week we shared some good guidelines for choosing a temp agency. Today, it seems logical to review “Transition Planning.” This manifests as a transition plan, and is a true test of ethics in staffing when considering a new temporary staffing provider. If you have decided to transition from one staffing agency to another, it may be… Read more »

How To Assess A Staffing Firm And Determine If They Are Worth The Time

You get their sales email every day of the week. They have you on their social media outreach program. Clearly, they are after you. One firm may be cold calling you so often that you are considering a restraining order. How do you quickly assess a staffing firm and determine if they are worth talking… Read more »

Even Temporary Employees Need Access and Basic Computer Skills

At Barton Staffing Solutions, we continue to offer a paper application, but over time, this will go away. That means that all jobs require some kind of access to a computer to apply.  Everyone in the job market must have basic computer skills, or they won’t make it through the application process. It has become… Read more »

Savvy Clients Build A Sustainable Staffing Agency Partnership

Good partners understand each other’s business model. They know they can carry their part of the mutual beneficial partnership best by knowing how their partner’s business works. If one partner does not, the partnership is not sustainable. Savvy clients build a sustainable staffing agency partnership to ensure their operation runs smoothly across business demand and… Read more »

Work With Your Staffing Firm To Resign Temporary Staffing Gracefully

It happens, many of the best temporary workers move beyond their existing roles and resign temporary staffing and the firm that employed them. Remember to work with your staffing firm when resigning temporary staffing positions. Just like in any employer-employee relationship, your work history and your network depends on maintaining a good relationship. Sometimes temporary… Read more »

5 Applicant Best Practices When Responding To Recruiter Voicemail

Every day, recruiters leave dozens of voicemails for potential job candidates. When you get a message from a recruiter, use these best practices to ensure your response puts you in the “call back ASAP” pile. Here are 5 applicant best practices when responding to recruiter voicemail that will help you get the job assignment. Recruiters leave… Read more »

Why Temporary Employees Need Online Networking Like LinkedIn

It used to be that having your resume on Career Builder, Indeed or Monster, alone was effective enough to be found. today,l that’s not enough. Temporary employees interested in developing their career need online network profiles. Career builder, Monster and Indeed are only a go-to sites for recruiters to find people with a certain past… Read more »

Real Questions To Ask About Screening For Safety

You’ve heard the screening for safety claims and statements made by staffing companies. Everyone says they have your safety interests in mind. Statements like: “Thousands of screened applicants…” or “Workers have the all skills…” or “We supply the safety equipment…” “We manage all your occupational risk…” These claims sound good, but do they pass the test of… Read more »