We Take the Time For You

If you don’t have the time to post a job, read piles of resumes, screen applicants and conduct skills testing—most people don’t—our knowledgeable recruiters will do it for you.

Our first step? We take the time to understand your workplace and your expectations.  Next, we’ll review resumes from our internal database, up-to-date online resources and from trusted referral sources. As we narrow the field, we’ll prescreen individuals and if you need it, we’ll conduct skills testing.

Kenexa sm

We use IBM’s Smarter Workforce (formerly Kenexa ProveIt!) testing software and can customize these tests to your specific qualifications and skills required.


We talk to every candidate. We find out their skills and strengths, what motivates them, and their goals. We use this understanding to find jobs that best suit them. Your needs will be met with Barton Staffing employees who are dedicated and productive.

The goal of our process is to help you achieve your own company goals. We can save you money by minimizing the risk of a bad hire through our process.

Process Barton Staffing Solutions

Our clients know the time spent on discovery, recruiting, selection and quality produces a sustained business partnership that achieves goals and drives results.

Are you ready to make staffing hassle-free while saving valuable time and money? Contact Barton Staffing.