Candidate Spotlight – Senior Human Resources Manager

Human Resources Manager

We Find People You Should Hire Are you looking for an experienced Human Resources Manager for your growing team?  How about Bilingual (Spanish/English)? Someone with broad HR experience from temporary staffing to talent acquisition and workforce development? What about workers compensation, safety and accident investigation and more?  Today’s Candidate Spotlight showcases a great professional candidate […]

Workers – How To Make The Most Of A Staffing Job

Make the most of staffing

You’re applying for a temporary staffing job. You should ask yourself, “How to make the most of a staffing job?” This blog shares good ideas for you to be successful.  Your experience will be better and your job/career path will benefit.  Use these ideas to make the most of your next staffing assignment. Temporary assignments […]

Get The Job You Want in Today’s Job Market

Get the Job You Want

First Step To Get The Job You Want To get the job you want, you must have a good resume. Recruiters and hiring managers spend ten seconds to determine if they should read the rest of your resume. You must get past that hurdle in today’s job market. The job application process under current market […]

Pandemic Job Search Tips

pandemic job search tips

There’s a global pandemic and you are looking for a job. Albert Einstein is reported to have said “In the midst of every crisis, lies great opportunity.” With that thought in mind, this is when motivated candidates get ahead.  They look for pandemic job search tips to put them ahead of other job seekers. In […]

Epidemic Employment Limbo

Many full-time workers, managers, employees in all industries are in Epidemic Employment Limbo.  Follow the best practices to personally stay safe. And use this time to review your career. Epidemic Employment Limbo is when your employer made a business decision or was forced to close due to a shelter in place order. Effectively, you were […]

In-House vs. Outsourced Recruiting

in-house vs outsource

This may seem like a self serving blog.  It is. But facts and logic about in-house vs. outsourced recruiting make it real. Here’s the answer, if you don’t want to read the whole blog: Use a Recruiter In A Candidate’s Market Recently (TODAY, August 7, 2018) we did a search of typical online sites for […]