Worker Shortage WGN Interview

WGN Interview Barton

Jason Barton gives Worker Shortage Interview on Friday May 7, 2021 on Chicago’s WGN TV Channel 9 News. Speaks with anchor Ray Cortopassi live on the 5 o’clock news. The topic: economic recovery and post-pandemic worker shortage. From a staffing industry perspective leading a firm supporting greater Chicago and the Western Suburbs. And, in successful […]

Rethink Your Talent Pipeline

Rethink Your Talent Pipeline

Study: $1T Economic Cost and 2.1M Unfilled Jobs by 2030 NOW is the time to rethink your talent pipeline. On May 4, the Manufacturing Institute and Deloitte released manufacturing research findings. The Skills Gap could leave 2.1 million jobs unfilled in less than 10 years. This amounts to $1 trillion in cost to the US […]

Staffing Strategic Goals Identify the Goal-Centric Agency

Do you discuss Staffing Strategic Goals with your staffing agency? You should. How do you know if your staffing agency is goal centric? Read on to find out more. It’s a good time to think about during 2018 planning. When answering the question, your staffing agency should be able to frame their goals in terms […]

In Staffing Communication Sets Us Apart

Staffing Communication. In Staffing, it’s effective communication that sets Barton Staffing Solutions apart from other staffing partners. The Dictionary defines: Communication is the act or process of communicating. Seems simple, but in truth, many staffing agencies, perhaps yours, just don’t make the effort when communication is needed the most. Clients will unanimously agree that their […]

In Staffing 19 Years Celebrating A Milestone of Service

In the business of staffing 19 years, July marks a milestone for Barton Staffing Solutions serving the greater Chicago area with employment services that clients and employees need. Barton Staffing Solutions has effectively served strategic requirements of successful small local, mid-sized local, mid-sized national and large national operations – staffing 19 years without interruption. Founders […]