Back to Better Normal After COVID-19

Time to get Back to Normal – Back to Better Normal. Since COVID-19 hit in mid March some things have changed but likely your goals have not. The truth is we’re getting through this, and doing well. We’ve learned a lot, and it is a new normal, a new better normal, we are getting back […]

Staffing On-boarding Is Applicant Experience

The staffing on-boarding process is evolving to meet the needs of both industry and applicant experience expectations. Today, the staffing industry rapidly evolves to lead the demands of a growing Gig Economy. Workers in all industries are increasingly aware of the dramatic differences between staffing firms/agencies competing for them to apply. The staffing on-boarding process […]

In Staffing Communication Sets Us Apart

Staffing Communication. In Staffing, it’s effective communication that sets Barton Staffing Solutions apart from other staffing partners. The Dictionary defines: Communication is the act or process of communicating. Seems simple, but in truth, many staffing agencies, perhaps yours, just don’t make the effort when communication is needed the most. Clients will unanimously agree that their […]

Safety and Quality Go Hand in Hand

Safety and Quality are sister pillars of a good corporate culture. Recently, our team sent two more people to the OSHA 30 hour certification training. Barton Staffing Solutions invests in training because it adds value to our service level. Safety and quality differentiates Barton Staffing Solutions from other staffing agencies. Our corporate culture is built […]