Pandemic Job Search Tips

pandemic job search tips

There’s a global pandemic and you are looking for a job. Albert Einstein is reported to have said “In the midst of every crisis, lies great opportunity.” With that thought in mind, this is when motivated candidates get ahead.  They look for pandemic job search tips to put them ahead of other job seekers. In […]

Never “Apply All” – Job Search Mistakes

Apply All

As a candidate, there are several ways to be overlooked by recruiters and hiring managers.  Call them Job Search mistakes. You may be doing it and not even know it.  One common mistake is the use of “Apply All.”  Any over-application for jobs is bad. Failing to align skills and experience with the job is […]

Recruiters Deliver Value


That’s a good question: Do Recruiters Deliver Value? WHAT does your recruiter deliver? Does your recruiting strategy start delivering value immediately? Or, does it immediately waste time and deliver substandard candidates? A client says, “we heard Zip Recruiter ad on the radio,” or “another recruiter offered to recruit for half the regular fee.” Do these […]

9 Common Resume Mistakes You Must Avoid

resume, Barton Professional Placement Group

Seems like this blog has been written. It has, by many others, in other forms and from other perspectives. However, these 9 common resume mistakes come up again and again. The reminders are necessary. Simply put, fail to meet these objectives and your resume will be put in the “rejection” pile. They are common sense, […]