Back to Better Normal After COVID-19

Time to get Back to Normal – Back to Better Normal. Since COVID-19 hit in mid March some things have changed but likely your goals have not. The truth is we’re getting through this, and doing well. We’ve learned a lot, and it is a new normal, a new better normal, we are getting back […]

COVID-19 Response – Internal

In our last blog, we shared best practices resources clients’ COVID-19 response. As an essential business, Barton Staffing Solutions is also doing our part in the COVID-19 response. Updated resources continue at the Center for Disease Control (CDC), OSHA and other industry and regulatory websites. And, it’s also important to know Barton Staffing Solutions has […]

OSHA Online Reporting and Staffing

The deadline for OSHA online reporting (workplace accident illnesses and injuries) is imminent. Unless there is another unlikely delay, that deadline is this Friday, December 15, 2017. OSHA is implementing a new era of efficiency and compliance accountability. How does this effect Establishments using temporary staffing services? OSHA reporting, now online, is the responsibility of […]

Staffing Safety and the OSHA 2017 Top 10 List

What about Staffing Safety? The recent preliminary OSHA 2017 Top 10 List begs the question: How do you ensure your staffing agency’s culture of safety is aligned with yours? Do you know what your staffing agency looks for when they do client-qualification staffing safety site inspection? It’s not (or should not be) a secret. Ask […]

Senior EHS Leader Placed Tier 1 Automotive

EHS Leader

Environment Health & Safety, EHS Leader Placed Barton Professional Placement Group is pleased to announce it has completed another successful search for a Senior Environment Health and Safety (EHS) Leader. The new EHS leader joins our International Tier 1 Automotive Manufacturing client located in greater Chicago. The selected candidate brings exceptional OSHA health and safety knowledge and compliance […]

In Staffing Communication Sets Us Apart

Staffing Communication. In Staffing, it’s effective communication that sets Barton Staffing Solutions apart from other staffing partners. The Dictionary defines: Communication is the act or process of communicating. Seems simple, but in truth, many staffing agencies, perhaps yours, just don’t make the effort when communication is needed the most. Clients will unanimously agree that their […]