850,000 Reasons To Apply

850,000 Reasons to Apply

850,000 Reasons to Apply This week’s Jobs Report shows the economy added 850,000 new jobs in June. The Wall Street Journal reported the Labor Rebound is in full swing. This is one of those signals that says, “Don’t walk, RUN.“ Why? Because, the best jobs are filling fast. Your bills, living expenses and rent are […]

Employee On-Boarding vs. Orientation

Employee On-Boarding

Is there a difference between Employee On-Boarding and Orientation? Barton Professional Placement Group thinks so. Like boarding a ship for a long cruise or voyage, Employee On-Boarding is a long-term journey of learning, contributing, and engagement. Employee Orientation, is limited to those brief moments you step on the ship, are welcomed by crew, find your […]

9 Rules For Creating Interview Questions That Work

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Barton Professional Placement Group advises companies, hiring managers and human resources professionals on a number of topics. One common topic is interviewing. Almost always, the discussion with clients around interviewing best practices leads to a deeper discussion around planning and preparation. This usually boils down to these 9 rules for creating interview questions that work. At […]

What We Called Job Hopping 5+ Years Ago Doesn’t Exist Anymore

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We’ve written about this before, but it keeps rearing its ugly head. The fact is, what we defined as job hopping 5+ years ago, doesn’t exist. Job hopping was the term used to describe some unspecified job tenure. A job hopper was a candidate that because of job hopping, appeared to be undesirable as a […]

Need Help? Just Ask! Exceptional Search Firms Teach Hiring

Search firms teach hiring. There is no shame in a hiring manager asking for help, guidance and training. Failing then learning is good, expected and valuable. Failing after knowingly and unwillingly not asking for guidance that gets you in trouble. This is true across your organization and processes – including human resources, hiring and organizational […]