In-House vs. Outsourced Recruiting

in-house vs outsource

This may seem like a self serving blog. It is. But facts and logic about in-house vs. outsourced recruiting make it real. Here’s the answer, if you don’t want to read the whole blog: Use a Recruiter In A Candidate’s Market Recently (TODAY, August 7, 2018) we did a search of typical online sites for […]

Employee On-Boarding vs. Orientation

Employee On-Boarding

Is there a difference between Employee On-Boarding and Orientation? Barton Professional Placement Group thinks so. Like boarding a ship for a long cruise or voyage, Employee On-Boarding is a long-term journey of learning, contributing, and engagement. Employee Orientation, is limited to those brief moments you step on the ship, are welcomed by crew, find your […]

Expertise Over Experience – Strive For Adaptability

Expertise over Experience

In a tight talent market, it is critical to look for expertise over experience. Think of expertise as that person with ability to adapt unrelated skills to the current challenge. That is what builds expertise and makes experts out of people on your team. Starting with high-probability team members requires unique leadership. Experience, on the […]

The Short Warranty Advantage

Short Warranty

On the surface, a longer search warranty might seem attractive over a short warranty. Let’s take a closer look. Barton Professional Placement Group is a trusted advisor to clients asking this question. It’s our reputation and to our advantage to be open, educating and transparent with clients. Many tell us we steered them right. On […]

Do You Budget Turnover Costs?

To budget turnover sounds counter-intuitive. During annual budget cycles, turnover is a predictable cost, and can be planned for just like other business expenses. Resources and staff budgets cover cost of employee salaries and benefits – why not also budget for the cost of turnover. A turnover budget is tightly also coupled with key-employee retention strategies. Some, but not […]

10 Insider Recruiter Secrets To Be Top Priority

Secrets, Barton Professional Placement

Recruiting is a service business. There are ways to ensure you and your needs are met with a sense of urgency. Here are 10 insider recruiter secrets to be top priority. Client companies engage with search and placement firms through contingent or retained agreements. Recruiters then identify, screen, qualify, prepare and present candidates to the […]