What We Called Job Hopping 5+ Years Ago Doesn’t Exist Anymore

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We’ve written about this before, but it keeps rearing its ugly head. The fact is, what we defined as job hopping 5+ years ago, doesn’t exist. Job hopping was the term used to describe some unspecified job tenure. A job hopper was a candidate that because of job hopping, appeared to be undesirable as a […]

Human Resources Should Report To Marketing

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This title grabs your attention. But maybe having human resources report to marketing is not really that crazy – at least by a dotted line. The connection between human resources and marketing is tighter than you may think. This blog is about why. If you are a CEO/CFO/COO, after reading this, you will want to check on […]

6 Reasons Hiring Managers Should Always Be Interviewing

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Today’s competitive economy makes innovation the number one driver of company success. Today’s social-media-centric and connected world, makes it essential that effective managers always be interviewing. What I mean by interviewing is that effective managers are always meeting people, sizing up their potential contribution and evaluating if they could make a contribution to their team […]

5 Ways To Fail Using Recruiters: You Get Out What You Put In

Don't Fail Like This, Barton Professional Placement

The title may first have you thinking this blog is about failures recruiters make. It’s not. If you are looking for someone to blame, stop reading here. If you want to know the most valuable things you can do to build your organization, read on. This blog is about what hiring companies, managers and human resources […]