The Short Warranty Advantage

Short Warranty

On the surface, a longer search warranty might seem attractive over a short warranty. Let’s take a closer look. Barton Professional Placement Group is a trusted advisor to clients asking this question. It’s our reputation and to our advantage to be open, educating and transparent with clients. Many tell us we steered them right. On […]

10 Insider Recruiter Secrets To Be Top Priority

Secrets, Barton Professional Placement

Recruiting is a service business. There are ways to ensure you and your needs are met with a sense of urgency. Here are 10 insider recruiter secrets to be top priority. Client companies engage with search and placement firms through contingent or retained agreements. Recruiters then identify, screen, qualify, prepare and present candidates to the […]

Human Resources Should Report To Marketing

Barton Professional Placement Group

This title grabs your attention. But maybe having human resources report to marketing is not really that crazy – at least by a dotted line. The connection between human resources and marketing is tighter than you may think. This blog is about why. If you are a CEO/CFO/COO, after reading this, you will want to check on […]

8 Things To Know About Your Recruiting, Search and Placement Warranty

Barton Professional Placement, Warranty

The basics of warranties are simple. If a product or service is unsatisfactory, through a warranty, the vendor agrees to replace it for a stated period of time. This applies to a search and placement warranty, too. Here are 8 things you should know about your recruiter’s search and placement warranty. Your current hiring agreement […]