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5 Reasons Applicants Need A Resume

Today it seems 9 out of 10 companies looking for employees require a resume. No matter what the job is, from staff member to shop-floor labor, employers are raising the requirements for all applicants to present a resume of their work experience.

Here are 5 reasons applicants need a resume today. Candidates take note: These reasons are really methods you can differentiate your skills and abilities in the employer’s eyes, so you can be the final candidate they choose and you get that job you really want faster.

  1. A resume is becoming a requirement. I said this before, but 9 out of 10 companies require some description of your past work experience, skills and abilities as they assess your potential for the job they have open.
  2. A resume is a document that you can customize to position your knowledge, skills and experience in the best light.
  3. Unlike sitting down and filling out an application form, writing a resume gives you an opportunity to think through the process and gives you time to edit what you want to say.
  4. Applications often give you limited space to tell your career story, where a resume gives you the flexibility to tell a story that fits the employer’s needs.
  5. Even if you must fill out an application, having the material in your resume to copy into an online application. This way you can shorten the time needed to apply for a single job, free up time to apply for additional jobs, spend more time preparing for interviews and ultimately land a job sooner.

If you didn’t think you need a resume, think again. Jobs at all levels in the workforce are expecting you to write and describe your readiness to help the employer achieve their business goals.

Barton Staffing will accept your resume in the online application process, or you can copy in your resume. Applicants that use both methods generally find their job search time shortened, significantly. Apply today online with your resume, at www.bartonstaffing.com.