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Resume Tips for Temporary Staff Employees

These days, everyone needs a resume. Even Temporary Staff Employees need a resume. Writing a resume for your temporary staff career can be a challenge. Here are some resume tips for temporary staff employees.

Let’s review why this is important. There are two trends affecting your need for a resume.

  1. Employers are raising the standard for applications. Employers are looking for people that can both do and think on the job. They want to hire people that take initiative and are motivated to manage their career path forward.
  2. The demand for temporary staffing is increasing and more and more people are choosing to be in the temporary staff work force over full time positions at one company. The competition for temporary staff jobs is increasing.

So, you need a resume now, more than ever to ensure you position your knowledge, skills and experience in a way that interests the hiring manager to call and interview you for the next temporary staff assignment. You cannot compete for temporary jobs without a resume today.

Temporary staff resumes are unique, so consider these points when developing your resume.

  1. Start at the top with your name and contact information. Include an email address and phone number. Include the city where you live but omit your street address.
  2. Use your mobile phone number so you can be reached anytime.
  3. State the work you do or the job you are seeking right under your name. This tells the hiring manager what you want to do.
  4. Do not include an “objective statement” – everyone reading your resume knows you are pursuing a job.
  5. Do include a summary statement about how you add value to employers that hire you. Take your time to write this carefully.
  6. List your skills you have that match the job you are seeking. List machines you can operate and software you can use.
  7. List trade schools, certification or other training you have taken that qualifies you for the job.
  8. Finally, list the companies you have worked for and the dates you worked there – former employers are often called to confirm.
  9. Include a brief description of the company and what they do or make.
  10. Include one or two sentences about what you did while working there.
  11. If you were on the quality team, or safety committee, and state how you contributed beyond your role.

Your resume is critical to your career – even more so as a temporary employee in the staffing workforce. It is a living document and you should keep it up to date at all times. You will always be improving it.

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