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Social Media Job Search

Doing a social media job search to find your next job is no different than using social media to find anything else. Barton Staffing Solutions posts all jobs on our social media platforms – please follow our Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter pages,

Here’s the action items you need to do to make Social Media work for you:

  1. Create profiles in major social media platforms.
  2. Follow recruiters and companies.
  3. Search to find jobs.
  4. Apply and follow up.

Think of social media as being one enormous database of information. Someone somewhere is talking to someone else about the next perfect job for you. All you have to do is search for that conversation, and follow up.

A week or so ago, this blog had an article describing the importance of having a LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is now for everybody, and if you are in a job search, no matter what your profession, industry or career role, you need a LinkedIn profile.

In addition to LinkedIn, you should also have a twitter profile. You should also have a Facebook profile, but you will need to ensure you focus your Facebook activities for your job search. (Some people choose to use Facebook only for keeping in touch with friends and family.) You may also have a Google+ page.

Create your profiles to reflect your abilities. Use terminology that relates to the kinds of goals, objectives and activities that your target company does. Show that you can think and lead to produce and deliver results, if a recruiter were to look at your profile. Take care to be consistent across all of your online profiles so a recruiter or hiring manager will see your profiles describing a strong, consistent candidate that is ready to go to work!

Once you have set up your profile, be sure to follow the companies where you are interested in working. Watch for opportunities that Human Resources often posts on their company pages for Google+, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Twitter is more for real-time communication. Recruiters and human resources people often post tweets that seek candidates for a job opening. The tweet will have a link to an online job application, many times. Tweets get old quickly, so you want to respond immediately. If you are following a company, and they post a tweet about a job, go online and apply for it immediately.

You can also search jobs online. LinkedIn has search tools for jobs, specifically. Twitter has advanced search tools you can use to search for tweets that have the job title you are seeking in them.

So, there you have it. Create your profiles so it’s easy for you to share your job interests and abilities, and so recruiters and employers can find you. Follow recruiters and employers’ companies so you are aware of their hiring activity. Use search tools to look for specific jobs you are interested in. Apply for jobs online and always follow-up.

Barton Professional Staffing uses social media along with this blog – which you can subscribe and gain tips and insight to help you in your job search. Check out www.BartonStaffing.com for more information.