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Do These 5 Things for Job Interview Preparation

It’s easy to get anxious, and even nervous, the night before a job interview. Here are 5 things to remember for job interview preparation.

Some suggest that next to public speaking, job interviews are the second thing people fear most. These steps will help you be prepared, reduce your anxiety and increase your chances acing the interview and landing that job.

  1. Research company information online about the company by going to the company website, and reading the “About” page. If you have time, read more about their products and services that you will likely be working with.
  2. Review the interviewers’ backgrounds by viewing their profiles on LinkedIn. You likely have their email addresses, so send them an invitation to connect the night before so they too, can see your LinkedIn profile.
  3. Read the job description and prepare answers to likely questions. Look at the job requirements, and write down how you have done those requirements in the past and list the outcome and results of your effort. Prepare answers that show you supported the goals of the company you worked for. Try not to answer questions that are not connected to results.
  4. Prepare questions you will ask your interviewer. They will be thinking about how well you are prepared to “interview them” as well. Human resources and hiring managers measure your interest in the job over other candidates, by the questions you ask as well as the answers to the questions they ask you.
  5. Get a good night’s sleep the night before. Relax and calm your mind and body. Some people need to go to the gym, others need to meditate to do this. Be both mentally and physically prepared this way.

By focusing on a plan to prepare for your interview like this one, you will be successful.

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