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Work With Your Staffing Firm To Resign Temporary Staffing Gracefully

resigning temporary staffing gracefully It happens, many of the best temporary workers move beyond their existing roles and resign temporary staffing and the firm that employed them. Remember to work with your staffing firm when resigning temporary staffing positions. Just like in any employer-employee relationship, your work history and your network depends on maintaining a good relationship.

Sometimes temporary employees get wooed by a competitive staffing agency. Other times they are transitioned within an assignment when a new staffing firm takes over at the company they are assigned. But more often than not, temporary employees find a new kind of opportunity of a permanent nature that is the next step in their career growth.

In the first case, be honest with your staffing agency. Tell them why you are leaving. Be open about the reasons. Let them know you received a higher pay rate, or better benefits, or holiday pay. Take the initiative on an exit interview, as it will help pave the way to come back, if things don’t work out in your new role with your new temporary staffing employer.

In the second case, your past temporary employer knows that this kind of change is not in your control. Reach out to your former temporary staffing employer and let them know you are open to other opportunities and assignments if they are attractive over your current assignment. Make an effort to keep the door open for your future.

In the third case, congratulations! Temporary staffing firms also want what is best for you. And, that means to help you grow your career into a full-time position doing what you want to do. If your firm is one of integrity and quality like Barton Staffing Solutions, they are there to help you make the transition. In return, help your former temporary staffing firm on your way out. It will keep your relationship strong, a reference positive, and you too may be able to help others. consider the following steps as you transition into your new permanent role:

  1. Let your staffing firm know the firm you are going to. Ask them for a reference if you need it.
  2. Let them know what other opportunities that new employer may have need for temporary employees to fill.
  3. Connect them with contacts at your new employer; make an introduction to hiring managers and human resources people. This gives back to your staffing firm, and demonstrates value to your new full-time employer.
  4. Be a positive reference back to your temporary staffing firm. They appreciate it, and it’s a form of pay-it-forward that keeps the door open should you need to return sometime in the future.

Barton Staffing Solutions provides opportunities for temporary employees to move from short-term assignments to long-term assignments as they develop skills. Over time, benefits increase including holiday pay. When one of our employees move on to a full time role, we work with them to resign temporary staffing gracefully. If you would like to work for a leading staffing firm as a temporary skilled industrial employee, come fill out an application.