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Don’t Forget Human Resources In Your QBR Agenda

qbr2 It’s QBR season, or maybe it was a week or so ago for your company. QBR is short for Quarterly Business Review. Don’t forget human resources in your QBR agenda.

Often, executive leadership teams use the QBR to focus the company’s attention on the sales pipeline to ensure that the financial goals set at the beginning of the year are met. But it shouldn’t be limited just to sales.

More often at most companies, the QBR format and agenda is to review the goals for the functions in the company. Operations, marketing, information technology, and so forth.

Human resources is a pivotal function to review in your organization.

If you are a human resources professional, it’s your opportunity to take a seat at the table, and demonstrate the value organizational development has in the process.

Effective organizational development enables every corporate goal.

Reviewing goals and contributions of your human resources group should not be an afterthought; make it a priority. Here are some unique things to review as you frame the quarterly review of HR.

  1. Bench-strength changes. Key new hires and departures.
  2. Performance issues and separations are confidential. But, if trends are evident, they should be discussed.
  3. Turnover trends, up and down; what are the issues driving turnover.
  4. Recruiting desirability attracting applicants to the company. Brand perception shifts, and why. How to leverage marketing to support attracting better talent.
  5. Temporary staffing ratios and opportunity to support efficiency goals set by finance and operations.
  6. Organizational changes occurring from over the quarter, transfers, management changes, why and results/improvements.
  7. Recruiter partnerships, success stories for building bench-strength. Invite recruiting partners to share and educate in a 30 minute side presentation to increase awareness.

The theme above is about relating human resources activities to the internal and external partnerships and their goals, in driving overall corporate goals.

Of course, report on the basics, including payroll, benefits, and standard day-to-day metrics, but look mostly to show how human resources drives results as a critical partner to enable each function from operations to marketing and sales, to be successful in driving business.

Barton Staffing Solutions is there to help you develop your strategy for organizational development, and can help you create your message for your company’s QBR agenda. Call us today.