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Safety and Quality Go Hand in Hand

safety and qualitySafety and Quality are sister pillars of a good corporate culture.

Recently, our team sent two more people to the OSHA 30 hour certification training. Barton Staffing Solutions invests in training because it adds value to our service level. Safety and quality differentiates Barton Staffing Solutions from other staffing agencies. Our corporate culture is built upon these and other pillars of value.

Safety is the priority, quality is the standard – and the parallels between Safety and Quality are striking.

The bottom line is Quality cannot be engineered into product after it has been produced with flaws. Sixty plus years of research has developed solid understanding of the importance of designing quality in up front, then engineering processes that maintain and deliver that level of quality design through production. In this way, quality products are produced, and customers are satisfied.

Similarly, Safety cannot be instituted after an accident has occurred. Corporate and regulatory safety initiatives over this same sixty year period have made this connection very clear while also making an impact. Excellent safety records are the result of a safety-centric corporate culture – up front (sounds like design!). Then, effective safety focused processes become natural and standard operating procedure. Even product design begins to reflect manufacturing safety.

Manufacturing high quality products involves prevention in terms of doing design work up front. Running an accident-free workplace requires similar focus on prevention. A manufacturer can produce a product that does not meet quality specifications. Likewise, accidents can occur. These events should be anomalies. Then, in a quality and safety focused company, managing anomalous events focuses on future prevention of defects and accidents. Continual improvement.

When considering your staffing work force, consider how your staffing agency develops their own culture of safety and quality. These pillars of culture should be very visible and evident. For them to be hidden, or shared as an afterthought – they probably are an after thought. And, we know you can’t test quality at the end of production and you can’t prevent an accident after it happens. Look for the hard evidence of a safety and quality culture.

Barton Staffing Solutions has a longstanding and intense focus on safety. Our equally intense focus on quality is evident in our hiring process positioned to provide the best workers to our clients aligned with their safety and quality culture. To learn more, please call Barton Staffing Solutions today. We have examples and references we’re proud to share.