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In Staffing Communication Sets Us Apart

Staffing CommunicationStaffing Communication. In Staffing, it’s effective communication that sets Barton Staffing Solutions apart from other staffing partners. The Dictionary defines:

Communication is the act or process of communicating.

Seems simple, but in truth, many staffing agencies, perhaps yours, just don’t make the effort when communication is needed the most. Clients will unanimously agree that their staffing partners should communicate often. Communication even more critical when there are results to share or challenges to bear.

Poor communication or a complete lack of communication is a disturbing trend in many industries. And, the trend has invaded the staffing industry.

It’s understandable that staffing agency’s work evolves as the gig economy expands and unemployment levels decline. However, in that evolution it’s not ok to ignore customers, erode customer service levels across the industry.

Under these pressures, it’s more important to step up communication than to let it slide. All too often, we hear from prospective clients that lack of communication is why they have called us.


We do our best to speak with every one of our clients every day when there is an open order. When a client is fully staffed, we strive to contact clients several times during the week. By regularly communicating, our clients know where they stand on our ongoing effort and any challenges encountered as we deliver on their staffing needs. Communication is also how we ensure our temporary associates are producing the expected results Barton Staffing Solutions has been engaged to achieve.

In Staffing Communication is the cornerstone of both our and our client’s business.

Our employees are also part of this communication chain. We know they need to hear from us in order to fill the next assignment. Or, hear from us to know how they are performing in their current assignment.

Simply put, as a partner to our clients and an employer to our employees, constant and regular COMMUNICATION is critical. We have to communicate every day to ensure the purpose and role in the economy we deliver is fulfilled at expected levels.

If you are a prospective client, and have noticed that communication from your present staffing agency is not where you want it to be, please call Barton Staffing Solutions today.

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