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Epidemic Employment LimboMany full-time workers, managers, employees in all industries are in Epidemic Employment Limbo. Follow the best practices to personally stay safe. And use this time to review your career.

Epidemic Employment Limbo is when your employer made a business decision or was forced to close due to a shelter in place order. Effectively, you were laid off in order for the company to weather the storm.

If this happened to you, stay positive and call this liberation! You are liberated to consider options.

Epidemic Employment Limbo Options

  1. Do nothing, and at the end of the crisis they hire you back in the same role.
  2. Look for a temporary job that will help pay the bills and get you through the crisis.
  3. View this as an opportunity to change, and look for a new employer.

The first option is pretty straight forward and takes no effort. It’s the option many will take. They trust their previous employer to hire them back. It has risks, though. What if they don’t?

The second option is for the person who is motivated to work. This person is certain they will be called back to their prior employer. To pay the bills, it is an opportunity to test the water at something new, talk to Barton Staffing Solutions about working in a new temporary job. Presently Barton Staffing Solutions has many job openings in essential business and critical infrastructure companies. These companies continue to function under the shelter in place order that has affected you.

The third option is for the person that takes charge of their career. Before the crisis, unemployment was at an all time low. Companies with strategic plans were struggling to find talent. Companies need strategic talent when the crisis is over. This option requires initiative and guts to take a leap and look for something better out there. People taking this option should talk to at Barton Professional Placement Group. Strategic direct hire positions in several industries at different levels are available.

Manage Your Career

Why not use Epidemic Employment Limbo as an opportunity? If you have been laid off and need to pay your bills, call Barton Staffing Solutions and apply for a temporary job listed on their job board.

If you are in Epidemic Employment Limbo and know you are ready to work somewhere else, consider the open jobs on Barton Professional Placement Group’s job board.

Remember, you are the best person to manage your own career.