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Let us help make your search for these experts or candidates like them happen. This Candidate Spotlight is just two of many pre-qualified candidates available NOW!

Engineering Manager for Manufacturing

Experience: 20 years | Education: BS Electrical Engineering University of Michigan.

Industries: Manufacturing for Aerospace, Automotive, Medical, Communications. Small, Medium and Global Company Experience.

Skills: Management, Cost and Efficiency Focus, Precision Manufacturing, R&D, Production Management, Human Resources Acumen, Quality Assurance, Procurement, Supplier Relationship Management, Customer Facing, Process Management, Training, Audits, New Product Development, Diverse Culture Engagement, High Computer Literacy, Read and Edit CAD Drawings/Blueprints.

Characteristics: Analytical Mindset, Excellent Communication Ability, Mentor/Coach/Trainer.


Quality Inspection Analyst for Manufacturing

Experience: 11 years | Education: High School Diploma

Industries: Manufacturing for Industrial Valves, Industrial Acoustic Control Materials, Industrial Air Purification/Ventilation Equipment.

Skills: Use of Gauges and Tooling for Quality Inspection, Use CMM Robotic Arm Measuring (Faro, Romer), Measurement to Dimension and Tolerancing, Audits, Calibration of Equipment, Metric and Imperial Measurement Experience, Read and Interpret Blueprints, Produce Reports on Non-compliance, Checking Parts Pre-inventory, Collaborate with Engineering to Solve Problems, Excellent Communication Ability, Computer Skills.

Characteristics: Attention to Detail, Articulate in Explaining Quality Issues


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