You can be good at a lot of things.
We prefer to be great at one thing.

For us, that is staffing and recruiting.

At Barton, we provide full and part time employment opportunities at Greater Chicagoland’s leading companies, exceptional resources and state-of-the-art staffing solutions to manufacturing, logistics and industrial clients in suburban Chicago since 1998. We use our extensive industry knowledge and deep understanding of our clients’ cultures to bring skilled, reliable employees and exceptional organizations together.

You’ll receive outstanding customer service and employees that consistently meet or exceed our high quality performance standards. If you need direct-hire recruiting, our Barton Professional Placement Group works in parallel as a complete client-centric workforce development solution.

And if you work for us? We provide employment opportunities at Greater Chicagoland’s leading companies, outstanding resources and the chance to expand your knowledge and skills.

Excellence is our minimum standard. To find out more about how we can help your company or your career, contact us today.