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Referral Recruiting: A Barton Staffing Secret

Experts suggest 60-70% of candidates find jobs through referrals or more formally, referral recruiting (Granovetter, Stanford).

Referral recruiting is a recruiting strategy that leverages existing relationships across an extensive network of both active and passive candidates as well as contacts in the workforce.

Barton Staffing Solutions uses referral recruiting in addition to traditional methods. Referral recruiting produces candidates with greater talent and potential for long-term success, as a result of the implied reference from the source.

Why are referral placements from Barton Staffing better employees?

  1. They cost less in the short term and long run.
  2. They are pre-qualified and ready to work.
  3. Referral recruiting cannot be replaced by technology.

Hiring companies should ask their staffing firm how they source candidates. Ask if they primarily use online job boards (LinkedIn or Career Builder, for example), and static database searches or social media to post jobs. Be sure they use referral recruiting and demonstrate to you that it is the best hidden source of candidates.

Barton Staffing Solution’s referral network is a result of over 15 years of connections and placements creating an extensive network. As your Human Resources partner, our referrals act as a multiplier for your in-house hiring programs.

To learn more about Barton Staffing and its approach to recruiting the best candidates to meet your needs, call us now.