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Know Your Mindset: Prevention vs. Promotion

When hiring and building teams, know your mindset. For best results, match the required mindset with the objective.

Heidi Grant Halvorson in Nine Things Successful People Do Differently, tells us that it is critical to build our teams with people that have the right mindset.

If the function of your team is to prevent something, you need people that are motivated by reducing risk (detail oriented) as their internal mindset. If the function of your team is to promote (create or build) something, you need risk takers and creative free thinkers.

Working with Barton Staffing to identify which mindset type you need can ensure greater success.

To build a high performance team, Halvorson says first understand the required team’s mindset:

  1. Understand what mindset is necessary, and what mindset predominates among the team members already present.
  2. As adjustments are made, match the communication style to the team’s function and the needs.
  3. Make sure team member’s roles and performance metrics fit the functional objective (to promote or prevent).

If you are a candidate, consider if you thrive on details and clarity, or like to create or build in terms of what motivates you. Then look for positions that match that mindset.

For our clients, Barton Staffing is available to meet and help you identify your company’s needs for team alignment and mindset. Call us today.