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Recruitment and Staffing: A Critical Business Partnership

Three primary things make up your business. Customers, a product and a team to deliver it. Recruitment and staffing strategies and partnerships enable and optimize these things.

Recruitment and Staffing is a critical business partnership to build and nurture your organization. It ultimately creates the experience and memories in the minds of your customers long after the sale is made. Level of excellence is a function of how much you invest in getting the right people on your team.

It stands to reason your most important business partner is the one that helps you develop your organization. Switch and Shift, a leading organizational development blog recently wrote: “Why HR and the CEO Should Be Joined at the Hip.”

In this article, John Bell explains how his experience at Kraft Foods helped him realize that building a strong team for retention and loyalty was a key to success. And, in today’s climate of temporary workforces and job mobility (hopping) it is even more critical that your partner is the one that helps build the organization to achieve the results with customers you expect

Barton Staffing focuses on building long-term sustained human resources partnerships. Many other staffing firms fail to deliver the basic elements of a partnership. Instead, they throw resume’s over the wall until one sticks.

Barton Staffing Solutions and Barton Professional Placement, are widely recognized by clients and their staff employees alike, as the leader in matching strong loyal individuals and teams to long-term assignments which achieves results and improves quality for our clients, while building loyalty and long-term commitment of workers.

Call Barton Staffing today to learn more about how we can be your best business partner for exceptional results.