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Staffing Guarantee and Warranty Replacement

Guarantee and warranty is an important factor in choosing a partner for your organizational development and business growth needs. Careful consideration of risk, reward, and approaching the process with a mind for collaboration makes a difference.

Guarantee and warranty vary from firm to firm, and should also vary based on search or staffing assignment. Many company’s legal counsel push hard for the maximum leverage in their warranty from a job placement, which is to be expected.

However, as you work with hiring firms, be sure to have a balanced arrangement with shared responsibility between you and your partner. With this approach, you ensure that the best candidates are found and on-boarded.

Hiring and staffing are keys to meet your business objectives in the shortest time. Realize that you are competing for mindshare with your staffing firm’s other clients.

In the hiring agreement you sign with a staffing firm, balance risk with reward, too. If you expect your staffing partner to take all the risk, be prepared to pay higher rates.

Likewise, if you desire long-term replacement warranty periods, also expect to pay higher fees.

There is an inherent cost for a search firm to replacing an employee that doesn’t work out. Once an employee is on-board, retention becomes a function primarily of his/her manager.

As you build a strong partnership with your staffing and search firm, collaborate together to balance these risks and costs with rewards and expectations.

Barton Staffing Solutions and Barton Professional Placement are your partners to ensure collaborative approaches and rigorous process to produce exceptional outcomes.