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Recruitment Process: Attention to Detail Saves Time And Money

Attention to detail in the recruitment process can be tedious, but in the end, it saves time and money.

Barton Staffing Solutions and Barton Professional Placement Group use a rigorous process to ensure attention to detail. Through this process, the best candidates and staff members arrive at your firm on day one. Our state of the art software is wrapped around our recruitment process.

When partnering with a staffing and recruiting firm, be sure to ask about their recruitment process. Ask questions that the process is held as a core element of the firm’s offering and matches the culture of your company.

Examining your search firm’s process ensures your search and staffing project happens efficiently and you select the right candidate the first time.

To evaluate a search firm’s process, ask them to present it to you. A document without explanation might not be followed by the recruiting staff. Good firms hold their process proprietary and to ask them to give you a “copy” is like asking McDonalds for the recipe for the secret sauce on a Big Mac.

Barton Staffing follows four high-level steps in engaging with clients and can share these steps and sub-steps in detail with you in a meeting. The high level steps are:

  1. Discovery – discussion to learn your hiring needs
  2. Recruiting – sourcing and qualifying candidates
  3. Selection – interviewing thru on-boarding
  4. Quality – follow-up and review

The specific details that are performed are many, but this gives a glimpse into the comprehensive approach Barton Staffing and Barton Professional invests in a collaborative relationship with you to meet your organizational development needs.

Call Barton Staffing today to set up an appointment and learn more about their unique recruiting process and attention to detail.