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Candidate Testing for Competency Model Requirements

Competency models are a method of building clear specifications for the knowledge, skills and behaviors required for a specific role. Candidate testing for competency model hiring is a critical method to assess knowledge, skills and behaviors a candidate possesses.

Whether the role is temporary, temp-to-hire or a direct-hire role, testing is rapidly becoming an important measure of a candidate’s ability to perform a job you need to fill. Barton Staffing Solutions licenses Kenexa’s Prove It! testing solution that offers our clients a complete unbiased library of candidate evaluation solutions that meet client’s needs.

Today, people do not stay in the same job for more than 2 or 3 years. It is a simple math problem to quickly see how candidates with 10+ years of experience doing are becoming harder and harder to find. The math doesn’t add up, and a shift to ability and performance –based search is necessary.

Employees today manage their careers much better than they did 20 years ago. They are continually learning new skills or looking for opportunities to use new skills they have learned outside the workplace. In the post industrial era, members of the workforce at all levels (staff, supervisory, management and professional) are taking control of their career, and that means they are not staying in one job for 5, 8 or 10 years.

This means that job descriptions that required 10 years of experience don’t make sense for companies today.

Candidates that have the ability and the interest to perform the job you have open can be identified with testing and performance-based interviewing. They may only have 1 or 2 years of experience and sometimes no experience. Testing and performance-based interviewing ensures your workforce grows as your company grows.

Barton Staffing Solutions and Barton Professional Placement can work with you to develop your competency model, create job descriptions and implement candidate testing that identifies and supports a workforce development program your company can grow with, and that grows employees.

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