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Résumés vs. Recruiting: Know The Difference

Sometimes, it comes down to résumés vs. recruiting, and knowing which one you want from your staffing firm.

A staffing firm can recruit skilled people to help achieve your company’s objectives. The act of hiring a person is not a company goal. Hiring a person is the objective it is the means to achieving a company goal to create value of some kind. Hiring the right person will achieve that goal faster and more effectively while creating more value for your firm. The partnership between the client and the staffing & recruiting firm is paramount to efficiently achieving this step to achieve your goal.

In any economy – weak or strong – when clients ask for reduced rates a compounding negative affect occurs. Your recruiter may prioritize full-rate paying clients over your job order. Effort and time to qualify each candidate may occur. Ultimately the quality of the candidate you hire and the value they contribute will go down. Some firms may just send you unqualified résumés hoping one sticks. Barton Staffing Solutions does not work this way.

Some other staffing firms in their interest to win your business, will take any job requisition, at any fee you are willing to pay. Beware of the consequences. Staffing firms may assign your job requisitions to junior recruiters, or cut corners on pre-screening, reference checking, skills assessment and behavior and attitude evaluation.

Cutting these or other corners can result in a bad hire, lost time, and add risk to achieving company objectives. Experienced hiring managers and human resource professionals know, and avoid, this trade-off.

Clients sometimes inadvertently initiate risk having multiple recruiters competing, or racing each other to get résumés over to the hiring manager. It is much better to compare different staffing firms ability to deliver on separate job orders. This sets the stage for failure again.

Barton staffing recently experienced a client who demanded low fees and assigned two recruiters to the same requisition. Highly qualified candidates were overlooked because to qualify them, required extra time. The initial hire was a candidate that was not properly evaluated for fit to the client’s unique business culture. That candidate lasted only 2 weeks before being let go. the monetary costs are high, and the delay in achieving a client’s business goals is time that is never recovered.

The fiscal costs to a bad hire are obvious. And, there are some challenging business reputation and ethics issues that result. For example:

  1. No company wants the reputation of hiring and firing new employees without giving them a chance.
  2. No candidate wants to end up unemployed after leaving a perfectly good job, to join a new company, only to find a bad fit.
  3. No recruiter and staffing firm wants the reputation of mismatching candidates to jobs they cannot perform.

To avoid these pitfalls, clients must forge a winning partnership with staffing and recruiting firms. It is a fair exchange of appropriate fees for identifying and qualifying a skilled workforce. You want qualified candidates to consider, not just résumés to read. Résumés are easy to find, qualified candidates cost more to get.

The final outcome is a function of the initial input that both parties invest. This means fair fees commensurate with the work to provide the best candidates. This rule of thumb is much like the same rule in many professions, you get what you pay for.

Barton Staffing Solutions and Barton Professional Placement group work with you to develop win-win strategies that are best for the client and the candidate for reasonable fees. Barton Staffing works with the best firms who invest in effective candidate evaluation in terms of screening, reference checking, skills assessment and behavior and attitude evaluation.

We don’t find résumés, we qualify people that fit your firm’s needs. Call us now to learn how we qualify candidates.