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LinkedIn Indeed You DO Need to Have A Profile There

LinkedIn Indeed. YES you DO need to be on it as much as Career Builder and Facebook.

Today, it’s almost impossible not to know about social media. With Smartphones, tweeting on twitter, and sharing photos on Facebook, be sure you are also using LinkedIn to be visible.

If you are an employer, you need an LinkedIn Company profile. Use it wisely, your future (and present employees will be following what you share. Some tips:

  1. Consider it an extension of your company website.
  2. Amplify your company’s message such that it attracts customers, of course, but also future employees.
  3. Describe what it’s like to work at your company.

If you are an employee, or potential candidate, be sure you have a professional LinkedIn profile. All recruiters use LinkedIn to explore candidate backgrounds. LinkedIn is not just for executives and managers. Some tips:

  1. Focus on who you are and how you behave and perform in the workplace.
  2. Give examples of outcomes and results you have achieved.
  3. Use numbers to show the difference you make (20% faster, 10% savings, for example).

Whether you are a company looking for new employee candidates or a candidate looking for a company to work for, use LinkedIn to help you search for the best match.

If you are a Company, keep your LinkedIn Company Profile in synch with your website, your Facebook profile, and others online.

As a candidate, developing your LinkedIn profile, don’t forget to keep your CareerBuilder.com and Indeed.com up to date, and synchronized with LinkedIn, and all your online profiles.

Companies need to make it easy for candidates to be attracted to working at your place of business. Candidates need to make it easy for companies to find and contact them as well. Use LinkedIn as an added component to your other online presence to create the most opportunity possible.