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Employee Respect Reflects Company Culture and Values

At Barton Staffing, we treat employees like we want to be treated. Employee respect is related to our values. The founder of the company is a veteran and learned early on the meaning of respect and dignity in terms of the people that you lead, and the leaders you follow.

Employee respect at Barton Staffing Solutions is related to our values system:

  1. Partner with clients by listening and understanding their needs.
  2. Safety takes priority on the path to results.
  3. Service focus on flexibility, availability and promptness.
  4. Accuracy and quality in transactions, payroll and invoicing.
  5. Professionalism in dealing with employees and clients.
  6. Excellence in the workplace behavior and workforce readiness.
  7. Truth and honesty in communication.
  8. Integrity and transparency in making tough decisions.
  9. Ethics to do the right thing and be recognized as an example.

These values reflect how Barton Staffing Solutions treat its employees. Yes, The hundreds of employees we send out to job sites every day for long, medium and short term assignments from logistics labor to professional tradesmen are treated with the same level of respect and dignity. It ensures that our employees want to be with Barton Staffing Solutions.

The key values in terms of our employees are:

  • Safety in the workplace. Barton Staffing Solutions believes that providing employees who are safety focused, is best for all involved.
  • Accuracy for payroll. Our employees have come to rely on getting paid on time and accurately. It’s one of the reasons retention is high.
  • Professionalism. Barton Staffing Solutions employees are treated like professionals which reflects the way they work with clients.
  • Excellence in the workplace. Barton employees are offered safety equipment and given training and the tools necessary to excel.
  • Truth and honesty. There’s just no room for anything other than the truth when dealing with employees and clients.
  • Ethics drive how our values support decision making that we can stand behind, and live with the tough ones.

These translate even deeper into employees that are ready to work, and client and vendor relationships that are built on a firm foundation of values. We make no secret of the fact that Barton Staffing temporary staffing employees are eligible for paid vacation after being with the company for the requisite time.

Barton Staffing Solutions is the preferred place to work for temporary employees from light industrial labor to professional machine operators. Clerical and office staff alike tell Barton all the time they are Barton Staffing Employees because they are treated the best compared to others.

Go to Barton Staffing Solutions website (www.bartonstaffing.com) and apply for an open position today.