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Never Burn A Bridge When A Job Is Over

When leaving a job, never burn a bridge. There are many reasons a job ends. Often, we think of the two most painful reasons: layoffs or getting fired. In reality, there are many reasons that your job may end.

Having an open mind and being rational when it happens to you is the quickest way to find your next job. Here’s why you should never burn a bridge on your way out.

  1. Channel the energy that naturally builds up when you are leaving a job into finding a new job. Any time or energy you spend on questioning the decision or arguing with your now former employer is wasted. They have made a decision and you cannot change it.
  2. Use the event as a liberating event. Now you can do any number of other things with your career that you might not have explored if you continued with that employer.
  3. Ask your former manager to be a reference as you move forward in your job search. If you lave on good terms, even when your separation is not your choice, your future employer will be impressed if your past manager gives a positive reference for you.
  4. If economics or other reasons improve and change at your prior employer, they will call you back if you have left gracefully when your last job was over.

There are many reasons that an employer may have to make the tough decision to let you, or others on your team, go. The economy, seasonal slowdowns, are only a few. Don’t expect your former boss to explain all this – terminations are events that no one wants to drag on. Take the queue to leave when it is given, and put that energy into your next job search.

Keep your former employer as a reference by smiling and leaving gracefully. Show them that you are a good employee and someone they want to keep close for the future by smiling and thanking them for the opportunity to work there. It’s to your advantage.

Put your energy directly into your search. Go home and search the jobs on www.BartonStaffing.com and begin to apply for your next job, immediately. Others may go out and blow off steam or other unproductive activities. Get a head start by beginning your job search immediately, keep and use your former employer as a reference.