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5 Imperatives for Temporary Workforce Safety

As many businesses begin to review next year’s budget, look at past years records, one area is safety. Every company using temporary staffing can learn from these 5 imperatives for temporary workforce safety.

Staffing companies fill an important need for companies that need a flexible workforce. Only through collaboration can the client and staffing company make safety the primary imperative.

Safety in the workplace involves having rigor around the highest safety standards set by government regulations, for sure. And both client and staffing firm must make safety the primary imperative. As end of year planning, strategy review, past years performance analysis and next year’s budget activity engages, consider these important areas to also review.

  1. Review last year’s performance. Pull your numbers for last years safety record in the workplace. You should have a system to do this. Ask your insurance provider what statistics to review.
  2. Check your safety management tools. Examine your safety reporting and event recording system(s). Do they meet internal, client, partner and government requirements for recording and audit?
  3. Review new safety management tools on the market. What worker safety systems do you use? Is the software part of your applicant tracking system? Is it out of date? What investment next year would make it better?
  4. Join forces and strengthen your safety committee. Do you have a safety committee? Does your safety committee have outside representation from your temporary staffing company? Why not invite them for next year?
  5. Update your Health and Safety Manual. Where is your health and safety manual? Has it been reviewed and updated? Have any government regulations changed that need to be reflected?

The last item is probably one that is most often missed by companies that employ a temporary workforce. Your safety manual needs to be at the same level and standard of your staffing company. If your staffing company has a higher standard for safety in their Health and Safety manual (H&S manual) ask why? They may be more up to date with regulation. Your H&S manual standards should meet the minimum standard.

Alternatively, if your staffing company does not have a Health and Safety manual that meets your minimum standard, then it may be time to look for a new temporary staffing firm. Barton Staffing is ready to raise the safety standard in your workplace.

Accidents happen, and having the systems in place to manage the response and care of the employee is critical. These systems must collaborate with your firm’s systems to improve the workplace to ensure accidents can be prevented in the future based on what has been learned.

Barton Staffing Solutions has a comprehensive Health and Safety manual, and accident reporting and response system. With a Full Tim Safety Manager on staff, Barton Staffing puts worker safety and workforce safety at the top of the priority list. We participate with many of our company’s safety committees in driving and improving safety standards. Call us today, or contact us at www.BartonStaffing.com to learn more how our safety initiatives can benefit your firm’s temporary workforce.