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Easiest Safety Initiative Is Eye Protection On the Shop Floor

We’ve learned that for our clients, the easiest safety initiative is eye protection on the shop floor. Barton Staffing Solutions talks to many clients daily and hears this consistent theme. We provide safety consulting and participate on several of our client’s safety committees.

We hear is that the easiest and single most effective safety initiative any manufacturing site can implement is the use of safety glasses for eye protection.

In other words, employees wearing safety glasses in the facility where eye protection is required.

Yet, this is one area that is consistently written up in safety audits. The following suggestions can help you improve this at your facility.

  1. Set an example. Be sure that management and visitors to the facility are also following the rules, and wearing safety glasses.
  2. Put incentives in place. Give an award employees for a record of days/weeks/months/years of consistent wearing of eye protection.
  3. Provide quality eye protection. New modern eye protection is available that is comfortable, does not fog, and even looks good. the extra cost for fogless eye protection is inconsequential when compared to the cost of one single eye injury.
  4. Broadcast reminders. If your facility has a PA system, broadcast periodic pre-programmed reminders to workers in the facility to put their eye protection on.
  5. Post signs. Put signs everywhere that remind employees to put their eye protection on. The door to enter the facility requiring them should have a large sign saying “PUT YOUR EYE PROTECTION ON BEFORE ENTERING.” Behind workstations and machines, where operators can be reminded.
  6. Walk the floor. We believe that this is the most important and effective method. Supervisors, human resources, safety team leads, management and leaders must remind anyone not wearing their eye protection – no exceptions.

Simple things like these cost little while they make a big difference. Call Barton Staffing Solutions today to discuss how we can help your facility with safety initiatives. Our full-time safety manager is available to work with your safety committee, and has materials and ideas. Barton Staffing Solutions is your business partner in terms of staffing and safety, call us now.