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5 Characteristics of Outstanding Temporary Employees

Barton Staffing is a partner to its clients. Providing outstanding temporary employees is how we differentiate our service from other temporary staffing services. Our clients consistently tell us there are five characteristics that define outstanding temporary employees.

In addition to the job skills, knowledge, experience and behaviors, these characteristics are easy for temporary employees to learn, adopt and live as you grow your career as temporary employee.

Companies that use temporary staff do so because it is critical to their business success. There is nothing “temporary” about companies that use temporary employees on a full-time basis. So as an employee, you can easily find a career path that fits your interests, if you adopt these five characteristics.

  1. Positive attitude. Temporary employees that exhibit a positive attitude and focus on the good and making that good even better are recognized and promoted to better work assignments. Employees with a negative attitude or who always find fault or reason to argue with management will not last long.
  2. Willingness to learn. Temporary employees that ask questions, are inquisitive, take initiative and show interest in learning more about their job, and how they can improve their contribution are recognized by management for new opportunities.
  3. Basic Aptitude. Remember reading, writing and arithmetic? Well, here is where those subjects come back in life. Nearly all jobs have metrics for performance and understanding how to read instructions, write to input data, and do arithmetic to measure results in terms of numbers is the difference between an average and outstanding temporary employee.
  4. Punctuality. Showing up and showing up on time is not enough. Showing up early, so you are ready to work on time. is what makes you an outstanding temporary employee.
  5. Work ethic. Ethics are the cornerstone of behavior in the workplace, and exhibiting good work ethic makes you an outstanding temporary employee. What are ethics? Having good Ethics is not just knowing right from wrong, it is making decisions to do the right thing, even when it is unpopular. Those that stand up and positively participate to help their employer be a better company are outstanding temporary employees.

We hear it again and again from our clients that a resume of a candidate outlining skills, knowledge and experience is only one part of choosing a long-term temporary employee for their staffing needs. The other half is the way the employee exhibits positive attitude, willingness to learn, basic aptitude, punctuality and overall strong work ethic in the workplace.

If you are a temporary staffing candidate, and want to be outstanding in your next assignment, develop and excel in these areas.

If you are an employer looking for outstanding temporary candidates for your team, call Barton Staffing Solutions to learn more on how we can help you achieve outstanding results.