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Employee Health and Wellness: Flu Season Is Coming

Fall is approaching and employers are beginning to develop operating budgets for the coming year. The pressure to continue lean initiatives, increase productivity and reduce costs come back to the discussion table.

One factor that is simple and easy to think about is employee wellness, and flu season is well timed with efforts to optimize budget and spending – so we should be thinking of it now.

What you might do.

  1. Tell all employees and temporary employees that they should get a flu shot.
  2. Provide a list in their paycheck or post a notice by the time clock about flu season.
  3. Give employees or post a list of providers for low-cost flu shots like the local pharmacy.
  4. Explore coordinated on-site flu shots in your office that local pharmacies will do.
  5. Consider subsidizing the cost of a flu shot. The $10 or so fee is well worth the investment.

It sounds simple, and it is.

You should care because keeping a healthy workforce is what it takes to continue the economic recovery. It will support your production objectives or other company goals at risk when employees are out on sick leave.

Use this as an opportunity to show you care about your employees which always goes a long way to build morale and improve employee job satisfaction. The more you have employees well and fit for work every day, the less sick leave you have, and the greater your chances of achieving next year’s company objectives.

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