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Great Recruiters Are Always Working For You

There have always been passive candidates and passive hiring companies. Just last week, a client instructed Barton Staffing Solutions to keep the candidates coming – regardless of a staffing job order. That manufacturer saw no end to their growth, and saw Barton Staffing Solutions as an exclusive and qualified partner in their future expansion plans with an unlimited need for temporary staff.

Savvy companies are always looking out for new potential hires. And like this company, when a good potential employee comes along, they want to hear about it. These leading companies have a job description ready from their organizational competency model, and use it to work with us to turn passive candidates into active candidates.

Staffing industry leaders know how this works. (To learn more, just Google: “passive candidate sourcing hiring” for more on this topic.) Everyone with an online profile is a passive candidate today. A website’s “About” and “Careers” pages makes every firm a passive hiring company these days – even when there’s no job listing (often called the “hidden job market”).

For every staffing assignment recruiters like Barton Staffing Solutions set up keyword searches not only for skills, knowledge and experience, but also corporate fit characteristics. These automated searches run long after a staffing assignment is filled. Chances are clients need more people with characteristics like the first one – and great recruiters are proactive.

Barton Staffing Solutions recognizes that its clients invest time to educate them on what kind of candidate they need in their company. Things like:

  1. Standard skills common to their business (like experience with common machines or software).
  2. Work habits and characteristics (like proactive, inquisitive, safety-oriented or customer-centric).
  3. Experience at prior companies with a reputation for training quality employees they like to hire.

Good recruiters keep their eyes and passive search criteria alive because they have a collaborative relationship with clients for organizational development. For an interesting passive candidate, client and recruiter work together to turn a passive candidate, into an active candidate. The first step requires a job description – a passive candidate’s interest just cannot be gained without one.

Barton Staffing Solutions values the time our clients spend defining staffing needs for the long-term. Our best clients know we’re always proactively supporting their organization development needs. Call us now to learn more about how our proactive staffing secrets, competency model development, and passive candidates can help your organization.