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Temporary Job Seekers Focus On The Job For Which You Are Interviewing

There are dozens of articles online telling job seekers how to convert a temporary job interview into a longer-term assignment. This is a risky maneuver for temporary job seekers when working with a staffing company or recruiter. It rarely works in an initial interview. Everyone has worked to get that interview for the posted job description.

With modern social media and ongoing education of temporary staff, employers, staffing companies and recruiters – recognizing candidate initiative is wise. The intention of these articles is good, but it can backfire. If it does, the failure to follow through on the commitment to interview for the present job may result in the staffing company and the employer to never consider you again.

Temporary Job Seekers – When a temporary staffing company is sending you on a job interview, it is for a specific position. Beware that you may damage your chances for landing any position, by asking to make the temporary job bigger or more permanent than it presently is.

Consider that the company’s hiring manager and human resources represented has put significant effort before asking a staffing company to go find a candidate. They tight budgets, need and role requirements. Your recruiter has connected your interests for that temporary position, and are trusting you to put your best effort forward for that position.

Employers and Human Resources Leaders – Beware in an interview, candidates read the situation differently and may ask how that temporary staff position may evolve. Recognize that the candidate is showing interest in your company.

The staffing company recruiter cannot control the conversation at this point. Look at the candidate’s question as taking initiative. No recruiter will knowingly misinform a candidate about a role. They know this risks client relationships and doing so is not in the staffing company’s business objective.

Candidates, you should always qualify your queries with “I realize that this is a temporary position I am interviewing for today.” Do not make assumptions that would damage trust with your recruiter – it will.

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