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5 Ideas To Help Control Workers Compensation Costs

Barton Staffing Solutions is a partner to its clients when it comes to efforts to control workers compensation costs. We share in the effort to improve safety training for employees while reviewing data and claims information.

By being proactive, we can collaboratively detect patterns of risk and unsafe activities. Collaborative work with our clients is also a key to reducing fraud, which benefits everyone involved. Our workers compensation insurance providers also participate in this activity with us.

Consistently 5 things surface that can help manage and control the cost of workers’ compensation claims and costs.

  1. Build strong collaborative safety programs in place that all employees are aware of, and management leads by setting an example.
  2. Regularly perform root cause analysis on all infractions to learn how injuries are occurring and then identify how to modify work space, machines, processes, or other factors to avoid further issues.
  3. Aggressively drive return-to-work programs that promote healing and ensure employees know they are needed at work while also reducing lost time, costs and OSHA 300 log issues. This keeps injured worker on regular schedule and active, and increases worker wellness (avoids depression from malingering at home) and over time may reduce workers compensation premiums.
  4. Build strong partner relationships with insurance claims adjusters. Partnering removes the hesitation to engage in these conversations, as your adjuster is your partner to keep costs down and prevent fraud. A strong partner relationship with your adjuster will keep them informed of your activities to ensure workplace safety.
  5. Keep a strong employee-to-management safety team and partner relationship that shares the responsibility for managing and improving safety in the workplace. Actively driving out us-vs.-them culture in the workplace has a profound effect. The interdependent relationship is a critical factor in both safety and business success.

The research is clear, when employers, staffing companies, employees, insurance providers and their claims adjustors work together, the result over the long-term is positive for all parties.

Contact Barton Staffing Solutions today to learn how our safety manager can partner with your team and help in these and other ways along your journey of continuous safety improvement in your workplace. We’re ready to partner with you.