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Temporary Staffing Process Model

Temporary staffing agencies must have comprehensive temporary staffing process model as a critical service business you rely on. If you are unsure of what goes on when requisitioning a temporary employee from your staffing firm, ask them!

The reasons are clear. If your firm is using temporary staffing, you are contracting with your agency as a partner. As such, they should be following a process that is repeatable and stands up to the rigors your firm requires internally for hiring full time equivalent employees on your permanent payroll. A few critical reason are:

  1. When it comes to compliance with government regulations auditors don’t make the distinction when examining the workforce in your workplace.
  2. When your temporary workforce is not properly qualified, and you experience turnover, your production level and quality will decline, which has a negative impact on business.

Operational costs accrue if your staffing firm does not have a process model that meets your needs. Costs can accrue as a result of defense in litigation, lost orders that can’t be filled, turnover expenses for retraining, and more.

Barton Staffing Solutions uses a multi-step process model as we serve our clients. These steps fall into four categories from needs discovery, recruiting, selection and finally to quality and follow up. There are dozens of tasks and steps in the process, of course, and our recruiters are trained to streamline these to accelerate delivery on your order. From a high level, the process looks like:


While not every client needs every step in the process, having it as a framework, ensures that your agency can customize a repeatable method to delivering a temporary workforce to meet your needs.

Barton Staffing Solutions follows this kind of process in order to strengthen our relationship as a partner to our clients while improving your business by supporting the achievement of your business goals. Barton Staffing Solutions is available to discuss the detail steps in this process with you. Call us today.