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5 Essential Factors All Successful Job Seekers Possess

The baseline for successful job seekers to compete in the job market effectively continues to require more and more. There are many things required, for sure, but these five essential factors are must-have elements in your job search. They are equally important for temporary employee job seekers. A temporary employee must invest continual effort to maintain their job search skills. Having these elements when you need them ensures your job search is shorter.

Have a Resume

Today, nearly every opportunity requires a resume. Without a well-written resume an applicant tracking system (ATS) will create one for the prospective employer to review. What’s an ATS? That’s the software behind every application you fill out online. Even paper applications are scanned and imported into the ATS.

Don’t let software interpret the value you can bring to an employer. Take the time to create a clean, well structured resume, it will put you above all the others that do not as you look for work because it shows you have taken control of your job search. Go to the library, or use a friends computer, just get your resume done.

Be Accessible, Available and Ready

Get a mobile phone that does text messages. If you are not connected, you cannot be accessible when a job opportunity that fits your profile and interests comes along. It’s hard to believe that anyone doesn’t have a mobile phone today, but it happens. If you tell a recruiter or potential employer you don’t have a mobile phone, you won’t get the call. Always be ready and available for the interview, it is likely to come when you least expect it.

Know The Value You Bring THAT Employer

All too often, we hear candidates tell us what they did. Activity after activity. Your next employer will want you to do what they need you to do at their job. It’s going to be slightly different. Flip your story and make sure you are ready to tell an employer what you can do for them. Don’t make them guess how your past, applies to their job – say it up front. To do that, research the company, and come prepared.

Have Online Access

Many, if not most, employers require that you be entered into their ATS. Your recruiter may tell you to go online and fill out an application with a key or label to enter. be sure to enter that key or label that relates you to the recruiter. They are working directly with the hiring decision makers to get you to the top of the candidate list. However, for compliance and other rules, employers demand you complete the online application.

Clean Your Social Presence

Take a look at your Facebook Page, your twitter messages or other online presence. Delete anything that would raise concerns during a third party background check. Make yourself the most interesting candidate to a future employer by using social media responsibly.


Finding a job today is very competitive, and you need to constantly be ready and ensure your history is not preventing you from landing your next job. If you have questions there are many articles online that can help you develop these 5 essentials.