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8 Reasons To Choose A Regional Temporary Staffing Firm

Barton Staffing Solutions is asked regularly: why should we choose a local or regional temporary staffing firm over a huge national or franchise-based temp agency.

We are often asked this question when a national, or global company is “standardizing” on their vendor for temporary staffing in an effort to cut costs. Of course, there are many reasons that a local firm will always outperform a national or franchise firm in the long-run.

Here are eight reasons to choose Barton Staffing Solutions over a huge distant national agency:

  1. Customer and client service. A local supplier has a high-touch approach with local staffing management and programs that are aligned with your business objectives from safety and workers compensation liability management to training and certification of temporary employees aligned with your full time staff.
  2. Personal relationship with temporary employees. Local temporary employees are sources out of our local database of candidates. If your staffing firm is calling names from resume posting sites from halfway across the continent, they will never have the opportunity to get to know the employee they are sending over to your site.
  3. Account management team. Whether small engagement or an onsite long-term relationship, a local firm like Barton Staffing Solutions is present in your offices. Typically, our clients know and work 3 to 4 people on the account management team including account manager, safety manager, recruiter and staffing manager.
  4. Geographic awareness. All too often, turnover is high when a firm is unaware, or insensitive to the distance a temporary employee must travel to get to the worksite. Local firms know the geography, and match employees so commutes are reasonable.
  5. Better, long-term, and motivated employees. Because we know our employees, we build relationships with them, as they serve our clients. A significant percentage (nearly half) of our temporary workforce have been with us for over a year, and have earned paid holiday time.
  6. Turnover is lower at local staffing agencies. For a variety of reasons, we put better people in temporary jobs that finish the assignment. Our turnover rate is below the industry average, for that reason. You get the productivity you need, without the hassle and cost of turnover.
  7. Background checks by local firms have face-to-face verification. Barton Staffing has a 100% E-Verify and drug-screening requirement for all new applicants and temporary staff employees. Done in our offices, we eliminate risk of fraud and mistaken identity.
  8. Large national firm cost-benefit is a myth. With modern ERP software, vendor management is easy for large and small firms alike. Large global enterprises can leverage smaller local suppliers as easier than a single large supplier for materials, assemblies, or temporary staffing.

Barton Staffing Solutions as a local partner is able to provide personal service, and be more tuned in with the needs of the local operation. When we lose an account to a national staffing firm, we hear horror stories about how productivity and quality go down for the operation. The initial reason to cut costs by going to a national temporary staffing firm are lost in the increased costs for lost productivity and quality issues requiring rework and long-term customer dissatisfaction for the client’s brand.

Invariably we get the local operations to come back to Barton Staffing Solutions – once the lesson of dollar-wise and pound foolish has been learned, again through the experience.

Barton Staffing Solutions has local offices in the locations that we serve, which is where our customers work. Call us today so we can help you with your local staffing needs.