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5 Reasons Temporary Staffing Employment Diversity Is Good For You

The American Staffing Association (ASA) regularly survey’s the industry, and identifies the current top reasons employees choose to work as a temporary employee through a staffing company like Barton Staffing Solutions. These reasons seem to focus on factors of temporary staffing employment diversity in terms of work and workplace that temporary workers prefer.

We try to meet with and know our employees on a weekly basis – most often when employees come into the local office to pick up their paychecks. Interacting regularly, we learn a lot about what keeps our long-term temporary staff employees loyal to Barton Staffing solutions.

The top reasons we hear most often involve diversity in one way or another. These are a sample:

  1. “I want to work for many diverse company employers so I’m not stuck in one place working for one company forever.” Many temporary staff employees like to work for, and experience many different companies in a shorter time than a full-time engagement would allow. This gives temporary employees an opportunity to learn about different jobs and company cultures.
  2. “I need diverse schedule flexibility for family reasons.” Being a temporary employee often gives you the opportunity to work 2nd and 3rd shifts which leaves the daytime open to spend time with family. 2nd and 3rd shifts at many client companies also offer higher pay as an incentive to work the off-hour shifts.
  3. “I want to gain a lot of diverse work experience in a short period of time.” Many employers that employ temporary workforce offer these workers many options of what roles and tasks to do. Permanent full-time employees are usually assigned or locked into one job function. Management uses a temporary workforce to fill the overload and cover the seasonal work giving temporary workers diversity in what they do.
  4. “I need to get experience in a diverse career change.” Many people have 2 and 3 very different careers in their lifetime. It can be a challenge to get hired in a new career without experience. Temporary staffing allows employees to gain that new experience making them attractive to an employer in their new chosen field.
  5. “Working in a temporary position provides diverse experience and exposure that can lead to a permanent job.” This may be a big reason for many – but in reality, many temporary workers find temporary work to be just as fulfilling, and choose it over a full time role in the long run. However, many do come into the permanent workforce by being a temporary employee first.

Barton Staffing Solutions has two divisions – one is a profound legacy of temporary staffing, with a founder having been in the industry for over 45 years. The second division is a direct hire business called Barton Professional Placement.

Whether you are a client or a employee in the temporary workforce working with a staffing form like Barton Staffing Solutions is a great way to add diversity to your background, and open diverse new employment opportunities for your future.