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Trends & Impact Series #1: Safety In The Workplace

Welcome to Safety In The Workplace, the first in this series of Staffing Industry Trends and Impact blogs from Barton Staffing Solutions.

At this time of the year, Barton Staffing Solutions renews a number of corporate contracts. Large enterprise customers are particularly effective in evaluating their vendors using RFP processes and tools such as Ariba, SAP and Oracle. One of the smartest questions we are asked is to share our knowledge of trends and impacting our industry and subsequently, their business.

The ability to respond effectively to this RFP question is somewhat of a test that gives our prospective customer a sense whether Barton Staffing Solutions is a serious and knowledgeable human resources partner. And, if we can provide long-term strategic temporary staffing services. And further, to separate us from the many staffing firms that are just resume processors that may go out of business tomorrow. I’m going to share with you in a series of blog articles the trends we share with our large partners.

Today’s Staffing Industry Trends and Impact topic is Safety in the Workplace.

Safety in the workplace is likely the single most important trend affecting the staffing industry. It’s easy to see why because modern research is showing that a positively motivated workforce – employees – increases productivity and quality, while reducing costs in terms of risk, and injury. Anything Barton Staffing Solutions can do to enable employees (both our temporary staff assigned to a client, and the client’s overall environment) is going to have a positive effect on our client’s bottom line.

It’s no longer a discussion, it is fact, proven by research. For a good bibliography of history, data and sources, see Wikipedia.

The safety of employees, the safety of others around them in the workplace, and the work environment is a critical collaborative focus for Barton Staffing Solutions, and its clients. We choose our clients carefully, and our clients choose us as the strategic partner with common focus on the same things in the work place that drive their business success – like safety.

Safety is a critical and paramount focus for Barton Staffing solutions management. And as a focus area, it is aligned with our corporate values to ensure safety for employees and drive initiatives in the workplace that are both preventative and proactive. With increased regulation from OSHA and other regulatory bodies, we have elected to lead, not follow.

Barton Staffing Solutions has instituted several programs to lower workers compensation costs internally, and for our clients. We have a proactive return-to-work program that accelerates both physical and emotional recovery after an injury or accident. We have a fraud prevention investigation process and work with our clients to ensure we are sharing the same information to achieve collaborative results that benefit employees, clients and Barton Staffing Solutions

Most notably, Barton Staffing Solutions over the past year has put a full time safety manager on its management team to work with and participate in safety programs at our clients, training internal staff to explore red flags, proactively manage observed, perceived, and real risk.

The impact of this trend on the industry is two-fold. First, it is driving many firms out of business if they are unprepared and ill-equipped to identify, train and provide safety-centered temporary employees. The second impact is to the bottom line of businesses. Some are suffering the costs of poor attention to safety in the workplace – either in terms of injuries and accidents, or regulatory crack-down. Others, invest the premium up-front with quality staffing firms, and gain the value from that investment through long-term sustained competitive advantage.

To learn more about Barton Staffing Solutions focus on ensuring the impact of this trend does not impact our clients’ business, call us today. The next in this Staffing Industry Trends and Impact series will be about Unemployment Costs.